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Nesha Nycee - "Jump" (Prod. FRENCHIS B)"


The St. Louis native artist by way of Atlanta, GA, Nesha Nycee gifts us her hit single "Jump." If your in the Atlanta area surely you've seen this Queen performing this record all over! Nycee represents music and hip-hop in a way completely distinct to her being. Furthermore, the young star's eccentric style, extroverted personality and conspicuous allure separates her from the masses. "Jump" tells a written account of leaping from strife to peace, opportunity and prosperity. There's enough success and positive vibes out here to go around; check out her latest release below. 





Nesha Nycee raps:


I'm outta my mind, she's insane, no she's not

I mean I'm Nycee but not that nice the perfect paradox

I'm somewhere dripping gold I'm Golden like Goldy Locks 

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