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FREESTYLE081 - Jay IDK Freestyles on Flex


IDK is not letting up; with the recent release of his IWASVERYBAD album and this fire freestyle on Flex it only reaffirms his position as one of hip-hops' rising lyrical forces. Hip-hop appears to be in a state of emergency and artists like IDK are here to save us from the over-saturated, substance-lacking muck that gales through most of our speakers. This freestyle spiked with punchlines and sexual innuendos showcases his obvious blantant nature. The hankering for real hip-hop is on the return and IDK is here to feed our appetite; check out his latest freestyle below.

IDK raps:

The haters say I fell off, the bloggers say I knew it
Then I say ta-da, oh s*** more music, to mix these squares up like a unsolved Rubix
So please don't do it and I ain't talking sweaters when I say they hit your Crew neck , shots fired, shots fired




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