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Keaira LaShae - ‘Purple Crowns’


If you like your music dripping with passion, purpose, major production, scintillating vocals and therapeutic lyricism; singer-songwriter, author and fitness guru Keaira LaShae has got you covered. Her latest and highly anticipated EP Purple Crowns finally hits our ears - the wait, well worth it. This EP unlike most listens hearkens like a raw and open declaration of strength, intelligence, grit, relationship woes and apparent poise.

As an independent artist she has worked with everyone from Cee-Lo Green and Miguel, to Grammy Award-Winning producers and songwriters who have worked with Usher, Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, and Jay-Z. The Florida native and Atlanta based artist divorces herself from the masses with her well-trained pipes,  impeccable grind and buoyant ability to juggle all that comes with this life. Check out her latest release below.

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Watch the visual for "Baby" below. 


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