Neisha Neshae Releases Highly Anticipated EP ‘Queenin’


It’s hard to categorize a true artist - a cultivator of sounds and a manipulator of words - Detroit native and Roc Nations’ own Neisha Neshae - the creative - releases her highly anticipated EP Queenin. This project, laced with five featureless tracks, allows listeners to peer into the many sides of the self-proclaimed R&B Trapper. She gives us grit, calm, beauty, love, hustle and relentlessness all in one EP - the characteristics of a true Queen. The Detroit sound will make its come-back and take-over through artists like this one. If you like your music doused in lyrical-mania let her be your new muse. If you like music to take you on an emotional rollercoaster, a sonic high and a head-bobbing frenzy Neshae’s got you covered; check out her latest project below. 

 Neisha Neshae raps “I’ma Go Crazy:”

You been cheating with that h**, better show me where she live  

Better help me dig a hole that we can put this b**** in  / I ain’t been wasting all my time tryna make this n**** Mine  

Somebody else gotta get hurt / I ain’t gone be the only one crying, Ima slash all her tires / might just key up your car 

Catch you slipping on a date and start beating up your Broad 

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