Stretch Dolla - ‘Genesis’ EP

Stretch Dolla - ‘Genesis’ EP

Virginia Beach, VA native rapper Stretch Dolla releases his highly awaited Genesis EP laced with 10 lyrically motivated tracks full of grit, personal experiences, head-bobbing persuasion and fitting production. As an artist, Dolla combines street anthems, poetic execution and intoxicating melodies amid his willful and ardent delivery. In a generation that only wants to numb their pain, this rising MC lyrically tackles his demons, rights, wrongs and triumphs.

We can't say that hip-hop remains on life-support when there are artists like Dolla that make music for its' original intent - to present the melodic art of story telling. This EP represents transparency on an intimate level - he gives us the real not mere glamorous tales of wealthy bragging and diamond rings. Genesis combines sounds from then and now, hip-hop, soul, resolute flows and one mans undeniable story, check it out below. 

Stretch Dolla raps "Chase:"

I set examples for mine I figure the world need us 

Telling us we should pray and just call on Jesus

Grandma whole life savings stuffed in the cleavage  

Another black man dead, another mother grieving 

Furthermore, to take a deeper look into the life of Stretch Dolla watch his documentary below!