Maliibu Miitch Drops Some Gems to Live By In Latest Release - "The Count"

It's a great time to be a female in hip-hop! The 26-year-old, Bronx native MC Maliibu Miitch reminds of us of that very fact with her latest release "The Count." The Biggie Smalls "Ten Crack Commandments" reminiscent single oozes with her irrefutable grit and some gems to live by. She raps, "One, never let a n**** see you sweat, cuz all they wanna do is see a real b**** stress." There's nothing to be taken lightly about Miitch's light physical weight but heavy Lil Kim, Foxy Brown inspired flows. "The Count" gives us New York vibes, lyrically dripping in life lessons, a must listen; check it out below.



Also available on all digital distribution sites. 

Jia McMillan Shipley