Stunna2Fly Snaps on “187 Freestyle”

Stunna2Fly Snaps on “187 Freestyle”

Straights bars, insane energy, fearless delivery and unmatched passion - that's Stunna2Fly. The Pittsburgh native MC snaps on his latest release "187 Freestyle" and here's the best part - you can understand every word - "mumble-rap" is no friend of this heavy spitter. It's easy to become frenzied listening to his crazy flows and head-bobbing production. Stunna lyrically reminds fans and naysayers why he deserves to be discussed in topics of rising hip-hop eminence! His new project is on the way; in the meantime check out the “187 Freestyle” below. 

Stunna2Fly raps: 

On the road, doing shows its just me and my manager

Making stacks from these raps, money tall as a banister

Make it clap for a stack, off a pill I'ma damage her

and she know I got stamina so we f*** on the cam-er-a 



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