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Megan Rochell's 'Insight' EP


Brooklyn native and Atlanta based singer-songwriter Megan Rochell drops her Insight EP laced with four electrifying tracks produced by The Coalition, J Reid and Ced L. Rochell is no stranger to the music industry having entered the scene in 2006 and steadily gaining some mainstream exposure with her smash singles "The One You Need","Floating" and "Let Go." However, her most recent project released independently and effortlessly showcases how successful the young star can be on her own.  Insight is an EP of love, energy, separation and genre-shifting. Rochell represents versatility and vocal range with a techno-r&b-pop infused sound recounting this project as her 'defining moment,' a must listen!

Megan Rochell sings "Surrender:"

Yeah we started from the bottom and to the top we go / Ain't always sunny on Sunday its a rocky road

And I put that on my momma and some home-cooked food

And you ain't gotta buy me nothing all I want is you, all I want is you

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