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F.E.E.L - "Sometimes" and 6:07 EP


F.E.E.L (Fearlessly Elevated Eliminating Limitations) , an Atlanta based influential music duo comprised of Jas and Bri, give us their responsive head-bobbing new single "Sometimes" off their 6:07 EP, a compilation of hip-hop, R&B, soul, love, realizations, truth, punchy lyricism and diary-like reflection. If your looking for a new hip-hop muse or musical duo to get an ear-gasm from F.E.E.L is just that! "Sometimes" has that 90's hip-hop flow with a modern twist of two young souls intertwining. Check out "Sometimes" and 6:07 below, a must listen!

Ikonic Lyrics:

Feeling like I'm always on the brink, my n****

Doctor say I need to see a shrink, my n****

Barely even speak now, all I do is think, threw my heart to the sharks, watch it sink my n****


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