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J Wright Releases His Timeless New EP 'H.H.H'


When's the last time you heard a simply iconic and outstanding body of work? It will be today if you listen to J Wrights' latest project H.H.H, an EP of love, acknowledgement of current generational issues, stigmas, passions, realizations and pain. The young platinum songwriter, A&R and actor pulls out all the stops to make this project a dynamite collaboration including features from Jacob Monroe, Charlise J, Courtlin Jabrae, some music production and engineering from the infamous Ashilee Ashilee amid inspiration from his aunt Mary Quick and grandmother Elizabeth Quick

H.H.H represents the zeal and quality you want to hear! It represents the vulnerability most current artist lack and it oozes with narrative, crazy melodies from then and now and an overall love for this crazy thing we call music, check it out below.

J Wright raps "727/ Conquer to Survive": 

Growing up I never knew I was poor but it was free stuff we couldn't afford

And now I'm looking for more

I'm telling ya'll I never asked for this life

It's probably why I tried to take mine twice and one day I might 


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