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Rotimi - 'Jeep Music, Vol. 1"


Rotimi releases his highly anticipated new project Jeep Music, Vol. 1, a compilation of r&b, soul and hip-hop. The young crooner captivates your ears with his flawless vocals and in-your-head lyrical reflection. If your craving a new project that you can leave on repeat, Rotimi's here to feed you. We need this type of music to nourish our souls and ride in our Jeeps to, a must listen; check it out below!

Romiti sings "Living Foul:"

Girl is there some other man cuz I just dont understand
Cuz ever since you moved away you been trippin on a n****
Acting different on a n****, being distant wit a n****
And I find it kinda crazy how you switched up on a n****

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