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Kane Brown - "Found You"

Jia McMillan ShipleyComment

American country singer-songwriter Kane Brown releases this ageless record of love and serendipity over favorable body-swaying production. Music like this never gets old. Country , one of the most profound story-telling genres of music, need artists as authentic as Brown. "Found You" premiers as one of the records available if you pre-order his album Kane Brown Deluxe Edition available everywhere October 6th. The lyricism of this track tells his love narrative with such a reflective nature it's as if you drift back with him to that very moment he met his match; check it out below!

Kane Brown sings: 

I'd be sitting in the same old bar

Heart breaking on a broken bar stool

Wishing she'd come running back

Running from the past

Running up the tab drinking for two


Pre-order link:  https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/kane-brown-deluxe-edition/id1277175594