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Jacob Banks "Unknown (To You)"

Jia McMillan ShipleyComment

British singer-songwriter Jacob Banks drops this undeniably spellbinding track "Unknown (To You)." This type of voice and eerie tone listens like one of the closest entities to perfection. We featured Banks this past February for his controversial tune "Unholy War" and with previous hits like "Chainsmoking" and "Part Time" the young King's no stranger to success but "Unknown (To You)" does something indelible to the soul. The lyrical account tells a tale of heartache, a jagged relationship, acceptance and surrender. Real men admit their wrongs and face that truthful music, such a dope track; check it out below.

Jacob Banks sings:

I believe what I say
Why does everyone hear me wrong?
If I told you different, would it sound the same?
Would it make a difference in anyway? Oh no
I know I done wrong I'll pay for it
It's your turn to talk for once I'm listenin'