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Ikonic Birthdays: AshileeAshilee (Producer, Film Score Composer, Instrumentalist, Engineer, Songwriter and Vocalist)


It's a real frequency benders' birthday; the legendary Detroit native and Atlanta based producer, film score composer, instrumentalist, engineer, songwriter and vocalist Ashilee Ashilee grows another year wiser today. She's been heavily featured on the most ikonic music blog in the world for her super dope production and vocal support but she endowed with myriad talents. Limits - she sees none. Genre bounds don't exist and her incessant grind put her light-years ahead of any "potential" competitors. Who the hell is Roberts, well if you don't know, now you know!

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Eric Bellinger - β€œFrequency” feat. Blaq Tuxedo

Kuizz - "Silences" ft. Haneri