Greg Whiskey x Charlise J - “Musical Soul" (Prod. Ashilee Ashilee)

When a vocal powerhouse and an eccentric all around artist unite on one musical front it sounds something like this! Atlanta based artists Greg Whiskey and Charlise J unify for this necessary and explosive Ashilee Ashilee produced track entitled “Musical Soul.” A record like this one with a lyrical message so relevant to the current state of music separates this track from the masses. Both artists swirl in a melodic frenzy over compelling, unsullied and flawless production only further enhanced by each artists robust vocals and emotional execution.

You don't just hear this record - you feel this record.

Whiskey and Charlise combine forces for their unforgettable hook singing, "I put my soul in this music, you ain't got no kinda soul in your music ,radio please stop controlling the music." An audacious lyrical statement, indeed, but we need this type of raw, brash and well-composed music in our ears, from Whiskey's lyrical lashing to Charlise's exquisite vocals - this record - simply phenomenal!


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Jia McMillan Shipley