Mani Marino Snaps on Latest Record "You Ain't Know"

Lyrical potency married with overall star-quality, sleeping with talent and lusting over timelessness thus leads to the creative soul Mani Marino. The Baltimore,MD native and multifaceted artist leaps into the new year on the right foot with her latest single "You Ain't Know." It's a glorious time to be a female in hip-hop especially if you can actually spit! Marino, lastly featured on The Ikonic Music Blog for her slow-jam record "Protools" gives us versatility and grit on this new head-bobbing, punchline laced track. This record oozes with presumptuous lyrics reminding listeners that this music "thing" has her heart, grind, soul and story attached to it - relentless passion, check it out below!

 Marino raps:

I don't pay em no mind, I'm in the building at the bar / Bad b**** with young money but I'm not Nicki Minaj

They was sleeping on me had they head up on the pillow / Hoes hella mixy you won't find me in the middle

Man I'm really on my s*** take a look at my credentials, only thing I'm worried about is being rich and influential


Jia McMillan Shipley