Johnny Balik Releases Soulful New Record "Honey"

Toronto's own singer-songwriter Johnny Balik releases this spine-chillingly soulful new guitar led single "Honey." A record this timeless will definitely place Balik on some much deserved radars. The Roark Bailey and Elton Chueng mixed single hearkens like a fusion of rustic soul, pop and R&B. Balik presents foolproof vocal range, vivid lyrical capabilities and effortless execution. This record will cause quite a brouhaha with it's infectious melodies and old-soul reminiscent sounds. "Honey" a penned tale of love, passion and realizations over soothing production - simply amazing - check it out below!

Johnny Balik sings:

We could pass time moving left to right 

Think about when life goes by, all within a day 

Honey don't taste like summer no more, ooohh, it don't taste like summer no more


Listen to Balik perform "Honey" live, simply amazing. 

Jia McMillan Shipley