Kiyanne Only Needs 60 Seconds to Annihilate Any Competition

Love and Hip-Hop New York reality star but more importantly, the undeniably skilled MC, Kiyanne releases some consistent heat over the past week, a mere 60 seconds of straight bars over some familiar instrumentals. What a great time for real hip-hop but what an even better time to be a female in hip-hop. Kiyanne spits over classic records like Total's "Can't You See" to modern records like Lil Pump's "Gucci Gang." She's the type of artist that excites your ears and keeps your head bobbing. 

When it comes to versatility in the art of modern female hip-hop Kiyanne tops the cake. When it comes to hungry MC's she's not merely taking a plate to go but the whole restaurant - insane flows, an idiosyncratic delivery and an obvious witty nature about her. 2018 - the year Kiyanne becomes a name we all know, respect and listen to daily; check out her latest releases below. 

Kiyanne raps “JUMP Freestyle:” 
Be careful who you talkin with cause b*****s they be bargaining
Switching up they side as long as the price promising
Ya homies got you gased IDC what kinda car you in
I could never SWEATER I’m busy swiping my CARD-AGAIN
Jia McMillan Shipley