Lady Leshurr Snaps Over “Roll In Peace” Instrumental - “R.I.P.”

Lady Leshurr Snaps Over “Roll In Peace” Instrumental - “R.I.P.”

U.K rapper Lady Leshurr obliterates her competition every time she touches the mic. Leshurr doesn't just have beauty but wit and an undeniably legendary flow. This time she decides to cause lyrical havoc over Kodak Black's popular "Roll in Peace" instrumental. There's no way you can listen to this Queen without getting excited and charged up from her insanely effortless delivery, wicked word-play and unique cadence. What separates Leshurr from the masses - it's obvious - she's hungry, her pen-game is mind-boggling and her personality transfers into every line - she's one of a kind, check out her latest freestyle below. 

Lady Leshurr raps:

Like Jesus please forgive me for the sinning

My Jesus piece don't mean that I believe him

It's creeping up and karma has been given I leave em shaking like they're Lil kimming

Do this for my sisters all my women It could be genetics or the denim I'm a keep on shining keep on winnin