Ikonic Visual: Titus Makin - “Suicide”

Ikonic Visual: Titus Makin - “Suicide”

The singer-songwriter, actor, Sierra Vista, Arizona native and Los Angeles based artist last featured for his smash single "Ropes," returns to us with another banger entitled "Suicide," a riveting listening experience filled with climaxing production and flawless vocals from the young star. Titus Makin , no stranger to entertainment industry success, having worked with multiple music and acting industry professionals due to his time on FOX’s hit show Glee, starring in CW’s Star-Crossed and hit shows such as Pretty Little Liars, NCIS among others. Furthermore he’s currently appearing as Caleb Matthews, a musician on the third season of Hulu’s The Path.

"Suicide" co-written by Makin and artist Aaron Kellim vibrates through the soul, you can feel Makin's passion pulsating through every lyric. The visual directed by 17-year-old filmmaker, Jake Williams only further enhances the listening experience bringing his words to visual fruition. His know-how oozes through his robust sound; he doesn't merely make songs he makes music. Music with intent amid discussing pressing societal issues like suicide, a must listen, check it out below!

Titus explains the creative process behind the song, "It's feeling like you can't get a grip of anything that's happening in your life due to being consumed by a dangerous love. We wanted the viewer to feel like they're spinning out of control, in confusion until you can stop, find grounding, and realize what's happening."

Titus Makin sings:

My love is worth its' weight in gold / and you'll never know cuz your so cold

Its something about you , I, can't let go

Your loves like suicide of my heart, I've given you everything from the start 

Suicide Prevention Line - 1-800-273-8255