Janine the Machine - "Mañana" 

Janine The Machine releases her new sultry, sensual and alluring new single "Mañana." This self and Lindsay “Mavelle” Gilbert-Ransom written record doused in intoxicating melodies, witty word-play and its' obvious sensual nature makes this the type of vibe to get stuck on repeat. The C. "Tricky" Stewart and Pierre Medor produced and Preston Reid mixed track hearkens like a well oiled musical machine. "Mañana" uses carnal lyrics in such an original and distinctive manner - simply put - this is an exceptionally well-written record. A smooth listening experience only further augmented by her indisputable appeal. The Industry yearns for this kind of wave and we look forward to hearing what else she'll bring forth in 2018. "Mañana", destined to be your daily listen and Janine, your new music, check it out below.  

Janine The Machine sings:
What's the catch, how do you last so many rounds
I-D-K but Ooouuu bae-bae I'm ready now, you know, you know, you know
I wanna kiss on your lips, I wanna sail on your ship
I wanna ride in yo whip, pull over lets get lit

Listen to Janine The Machine's other single "No Chill" below. 


Jia McMillan Shipley