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Poiison Releases Debut EP 'Unemotional Freak'

Queens, New York native artist Poiison releases her highly anticipated 'Unemotional Freak' EP laced with six distinct, reflective, melodic, auditory vibes. The allure of Poiison's artistry comes from her fearless ability to be extremely transparent in her music. Why make music if you're not willing to give listeners a piece of you every time they bump your sounds? 

She holds nothing back gifting us beauty and the beast.

During this EP you get to peer into her soul, past, vices, regrets and truths. Unemotional Freak represents her versatility as an artist from hype records to poignant ballads. Her sound, bipolar, it may appear but she cultivates it per experience ,no day is just like the other, thus leading to her diverse waves. After personally meeting this Queen I truly appreciated her musical flare and connected with her on a conscience level. Poiison ,the definition of a vibe, transcends competition with her infectious energy, intoxicating melodies and intrepid lyrical demeanor. Check out her debut project below.

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Check out a visual to one of the singles off her EP entitled "12:54," more visuals coming soon!

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