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Joyner Lucas Releases Poignant Visual for His Latest Single "Frozen"

Joyner Lucas doesn't make music merely for popularity or riches but for the art of expression and awareness. The poignant visual to his latest single "Frozen" lyrically touches on topics of drunk driving, texting and driving and racing while driving infused with stirring chorus vocals making this track indubitably quintessential to the modern times. Graphic but necessary, this visual takes you on harrowing accounts of the aftermaths of one persons witless split second decision. In a generation where technology rules the day , distraction follows closely behind. The dangers of multitasking can be fatal and what better tendentious artist to harp on such a crucial topic than Joyner Lucas, check it out below.

Joyner Lucas raps:

Damn this is not all right, how the f*** I end up on the other side of life

No more hanging with my friends , no more riding bikes

No more brushing Barbies' hair, no more flying kites 

No more school, no more learning for me , no more youth 

Jia McMillan Shipley