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Ikonic Visual: Billie Eilish Releases Riveting New Single “You Should See Me In a Crown”

Qualm and inadequacy exist in the subconscious mind that believes that this life thing is real anyway but those who accept its woes and inevitability, rule this nothing town!


Super-soul Billie Eilish releases her latest world-shattering and obnoxiously talented single and visual "You Should See Me In a Crown." This eerie, abundant lyric filled record doused in climaxing thumping production would make any musician begrudged at its genius. Furthermore, to add salt to the wound - if your hating - the visual displays a fearless Eilish with a couple spider friends in daring places. To put your soul on a record requires another level of aptitude yet somehow she does so swimmingly.

With her record "Ocean Eyes" accumulating over 87 million streams on Spotify alone as of July 2018, this track is bound to follow closely behind. If you like your music drenched in abstract verses and wicked production with labyrinthine visuals she’s got you covered; indulge below.  

Billie Eilish sings:

Count my cards, watch them fall
Blood on a marble wall

I like the way they all
Scream / Tell me which one is worse
Living or dying first /Sleeping inside a hearse
I don't dream