Ikonic Visual: Devvon Terrell - “Business and Pleasure”

Ikonic Visual: Devvon Terrell - “Business and Pleasure”

What’s a conscience without accountability? 

Devvon Terrell last featured for his crucial single “You Different” returns with another lyrically captivating narrative aptly titled “Business and Pleasure.” It’s his knack for written symbolism that slingshots him past any potential competition. This record hearkens like an ingress into his self-induced infelicity, split-decision making, late night liquor influences, preferred doings in the moment and the aftermath there of. In a generation haughtily cascading around their adrift morals and lack of respect for monogamy this records comes at no better time. The ancient caveat of not mixing business and pleasure forever holds true, one will eventually out weigh the other and it's usually the latter. 

The visual takes you on a typical “kick-back” night capturing its’ highs and lows. Relationships shouldn’t be handled like a multiple choice test but we’ve all made mistakes. He hints at the feeling of a potential set up, the night after he begins to connect the dots, but it's too late or is it, hopefully his next release continues the saga! 

Devvon Terrell sings:

...I'ma call you in the morning
Gave you my number for business baby this a warning

I cannot tolerate random texts / Can't remember where I met you maybe it was Texas

One night in Dallas...