Tierra Whack - "Unemployed" | A COLORS SHOW

Tierra Whack - "Unemployed" | A COLORS SHOW

What a time to be a female in the music industry!

Tierra Whack, last featured for her jaunty Whack History Month single “Clones,” returns with this explosive COLORS SHOW performance of another WHM single “Unemployed.” Her apricot and azure ensemble amid her trendsetting half-faced make-up slay made her a sight for sore eyes. The Philly native creative truly enjoys this music thing and that true jubilation beams through in this COLORS SHOW presentation.

The Kenete Simms produced record swanks in Whack’s undeniable pen game and solidifies her rising spot in the music industry.

The God flow MC raps, “Wanna be like me when I get older (Yo) /Talked to God, then he came over.” She’s her own muse and rightfully so, indulge in her COLORS SHOW performance below.

Ikonic lyrics:

I must be a criminal (Yo)
Keep your talkin' minimal (Yo)
'Cause most of it's subliminal (Yo)
And it'll put you in a critical (Yo, yo)
Used to be invisible (Yo)
They would refer to me as mythical (Yo)
Sippin' on Mastika, yeah, I sip it slow (Yo)