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Shari Marie’s ‘Reflection’ LP, A Stunning Project -  A Defining Debut Moment

Shari Marie’s ‘Reflection’ LP, A Stunning Project - A Defining Debut Moment


Rising songstress from the Bronx, Shari Marie , gifts the New York borough a softer touch versus its gritty, notorious acclaim with her new project Reflection, laced in 12 featureless tracks. This body of work boasts with saucy, confident hits like “Exclusive” “I Don’t Want It” and “Surprise” but also whispers like an RnB daydream with records like “Sweet", “U Remind Me” and “Naked.”

She scripts her personal lessons, woes and triumphs.

It’s imperative that the content in a debut release allows listeners to get to know the artist because people listen to music they feel, music they relate to, music that’s personal and Marie has gifted us just that. Each of the aforementioned tracks allow the audience to get to know her.

As the project begins to close, she throws in even more narrative permeated tracks like “Yes Girl” and “I Belong to You.” “Yes Girl” is a pensive ode that tells a tale of a woman that’s attentive to the signs of a liar and a woman that’s garnered enough strength to release herself from the toxicity of a bad relationship. Some men would rather experience the pain from the remnants of a good woman than to nurture the good woman they had. “I Belong to You” revels in her ability to get naked on a record, from the minimal production and raw vocals to the emotive lyricism - it’s stunning. Overall this project breathes with depth, personal anecdotes, gifted production and alluring executions.

Of her debut release she states, “So I tend to get deep a lot .... but I just wanna say IM SO GRATEFUL!!!!!!!! I JUST DROPPED MY FIRST LP EVER! I don’t expect to win over night, I don’t expect people to get it right away, I don’t expect anything... my ultimate goal is to touch people out there. Imma grind till it happens, and it’s gonna happen so join this ride with me 🖤 Thank you to everyone who worked on with project with me, I met some amazing&talented people. Y’all know who you are!!!!!! 🙏🏽

Check it out below.

Check out some of the project’s visuals!

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