What can you expect from the IkONIC Music blog? 

The Ikonic Music Blog, founded in July of 2015 by music blogger, songwriter and entrepreneur Jia "Miss Ikonic" McMillan-Shipley, contains quality music from the stars we all love and those on the rise. We like to focus on the classic, the new, the innovative and the down right super talented music artist of the world. Currently, we are mostly focused on Hip-Hop, R&B and a little bit of pop/mainstream music. This blog will also include a "Music Industry Education" tab where articles and helpful videos in regards to music copyrights, music laws, publishing companies etc. will be posted to educate the readers. Music is a business first and foremost and if you want to make it in this business you must understand that - thoroughly. Enjoy!



                                                                                           - Miss Ikonic